2908 Clayton Street, Easton, PA - 484.852.1373 - chris@drumbooth.net

dRUMBOOTH is the drum lesson studio of Chris Cummings where students receive personalized one on one instruction designed to meet their musical goals.

dRUMBOOTH accepts students of all levels and abilities.

dRUMBOOTH is located in the Easton area just minutes from 22/33/78/248. The address is 2908 Clayton Street, Easton.

dRUMBOOTH offers weekly half hour or weekly hour drum lessons. Cash, checks, credit cards, and Paypal are accepted.

Call or Text: 484.852.1373 or Email: chris@drumbooth.net


Drum lessons are balanced by combining a variety of resources all with the goal of developing the skills for the student to be able to play the way he or she wants to play.

Learn about:

Hand Technique - Grip, Motion, Control, Touch, Sound

Music Notation - Reading, Sight Reading, Interpretation, Transcribing

Independence - Two-Four Limb Independence Development, Singing

Styles - Rudimental, Orchestral, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Country, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Fusion, and more

Musicality - Groove, Time, Feel, Soloing, Trading, Gear Choices, Recording vs. Live, Listening

Coaching - Interacting With Others,  How To Audition, Subbing, Finding/Creating Work, Being A Band Leader, How To Rehearse

Chris has given drum lessons to students from age seven to sixty-seven. The range of abilities among those students included students just picking up the sticks, students active in their school music programs, students playing in bands, students working as professional drummers etc. etc. Many went on to pursue music at schools such as Berklee, Musicians Institute, Drummers Collective, and numerous reputable state schools.


You want to know more about the studio?

The drum lesson studio is a relaxed and comfortable place with off street parking. dRUMBOOTH is equipped with multiple drum sets, pad stations for single surface learning, multi-channel audio recording equipment, video recording equipment, internet connected TV, DVD and periodical resources. All equipment is premium grade.

Is my child too young to play?

The optimum youngest age is for drum lessons is typically  seven. With younger children, Chris recommends that a parent observes the lessons so that they understand what to do and how to encourage their child between lessons.

Is there a registration fee?

No. Chris doesn't charge registration fees.

What times can I get a lesson slot?

dRUMBOOTH hours are by appointment. Drum lessons are given Monday to Friday from 10am until 8pm. Lesson time slots are subject to availability.

I have many drummers in my family. Are there discounts?

Ask Chris about sibling/parent discounts.

Not sure if you need a half hour or a one hour lesson?

Half hour slots are effective for most. Hour slots are available for the advanced musician or for those coming from longer distances. No matter what lesson length suits you, weekly consistency is key to successful musical development.

What if I have a question between lessons?

Call, Email, or Facebook message Chris. You will get the prompt attention you deserve.

What if you need to cancel?

Life happens. 24 hour notice is required to cancel a lesson and still receive a make-up drum lesson at another time.

What do you need to get started?

The minimum equipment needed for any drum lesson student would include the following: a stand mounted practice pad, sticks, metronome or a metronome ap on an easily accessible device, a notebook or manuscript book, and whatever text is recommended at the first lessons. These are items that you or your student will be keeping for a long time.